Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

renovating the " chicken house " - now the cat house

Our place

Since we bought this place in 1998 we have been in the process of renovating - and we still are - In 2001 we did the main thing , converting the former hey loft and part of the barn to bed and breakfast ( mostly bed ) facilities . We also added some space to our own living place . But we could not afford to renovate the former " chicken house ". As you can see on the picture . we did have chickes once - and peacocks . Later we we decided to use this small out bouilding for the male cats . This house is from 1906 , like the rest and had not beeen changed ever . But really needed a new roof as the rain was dripping down on the cats . The tourists were close to bebing scared when they approached and saw this bad looking house . The entrance to the B & B is form the back of the bouildings and it is impossible to see from outside what this place really hides .
Well , now the roof is about beeing fixed and the old fashioned look is still there . Later on Jorgen will be mending the walls and painting . The cats are happy , I think .

The old " chicken house "